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The 2006 Production of Shakespeare's “Macbeth

Macbeth - Director's welcome

Simon Denver - director Dear All,

Welcome to the Macbeth web site. Please check this web site at least once a week to make sure everybody is up to speed with everything!

Attached (see below) is the revised script and the rehearsal schedule for “Macbeth”.

The theatre is pretty much booked out till January 22nd so hence the late start.

Please, do not panic.

There is more than enough time to complete this project to the high standards I have personally set for it.

You will notice that on Sat 25th & Sun 26th February the rehearsal sheet says “Beach”. The theatre is used this weekend so the Maleny and SRT contingent will be going up Double Island beach for the weekend.

We will be rehearsing up there and even though it is not compulsory I’d love it if as many as possible from the cast could come and join us. A spot of bonding / relaxing / downtime. Feel free to bring your partners and family etc.

Whats available on this website:-

welcome a gentle reminder of what we're about (you're looking at it now)
director's notes a firmer reminder of what we're about
dates a temporal reminder of when we're all about
rehearsal schedule a temporal reminder of when some are to be or not to be about
cast & crew a gentle reminder of who we're about
script a currently precise reminder of what to say


welcome director's notes dates rehearsal schedule cast & crew script

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